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What is Geo-Tagging and Should You Use It

by Samantha Lee (follow)
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Photoh What is geotagging Geotag photos

Geotagging is everywhere - literally. The most common definition of Geotagging is “is the process of adding geographical information to various media in the form of metadata.

Geotagging can be anything from co-ordinates (latitude and longitude), bearings, altitude, distances, and specific place or business names.When used for photographs, geotagging can be done after processing the shot, or before you post it online. Some camera phone also have a feature that geotags your images for you automatically.

Geotagging has some obvious security risks, especially when your social media accounts are open for everyone to see. But with some precaution, and a lot of street smarts, geotagging can do more good than harm.

Here are some reasons why you should start geotagging your photos now.

1. It helps you organise your photos

Photoh What is geotagging Geotag photos

As someone who spends a lot of timing travelling and taking photographs, it used to be a difficult task trying to locate a particular image right when I needed it. But since I started geotagging, it has been much easier and faster for me to locate images from many months ago.

Photoh What is geotagging Geotag photos

One advantage of organizing your photographs by location instead of by time is that thinking about it in terms of spatial and logistical references forces your brain to associate things visually instead of numerically, which makes it easier for you to remember exactly where you took your photos. This makes the process much more intuitive and less of a hassle.

Aside from the different social media platforms, there are several apps that automatically geotag and organize your photos for you. My favourite ones to use are Photos on Mac and Google Photos.

2. It helps you gather ideas for your next activity

Whether you believe it or not, geotagging can help you prepare for that next big hike, beach trip or weekend brunch. Checking out all the photographs under the geotag of where you’re going will help you know what to expect, what to order, what outfit to wear, what the weather is like or which sites to visit. Think of it as your own mini-guidebook with trusted user reviews in the palm of your hands!

3. It helps you get discovered

Photoh What is geotagging Geotag photos

More often than not, my geotagged photos get more likes than those I don’t. The reason behind this is that it exposes your image to two networks, the first being your personal network of followers, the second is the network of people that check out the geotag.

Geotagging exposes you to a whole new network of potential followers that you may have not been exposed to before, especially when you’re travelling in foreign countries.

Photoh What is geotagging Geotag photos

Aside from the benefits of added likes and shares, my absolute favourite thing about geotagging is that it allows you to contribute to a larger body of work that other people have also contributed to. It’s almost like you’re collaborating with strangers to make sure that a certain landscape, place or attraction is documented properly for years to come.

4. It helps you get free things

Photoh What is geotagging Geotag photos

Geotagging your images means that you’re willingly or unwillingly giving certain establishments and business free advertising by sharing your experiences to your network.

Part of my work as a social media manager for various brands is to check our tagged photos to see what our customers have been uploading and to be able to reuse the content on our different social media channels.

Here’s a little secret: we like giving away freebies to photos we love and I know other brands do the same thing too. They give away anything from samples, to free meals or even hotel stays! So if you want to play a little secret game, make sure you take really good photos, keep your account open and geotag away!

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