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Perth Photography Group      Perth
The Perth Photography Group is a regular, fortnightly social gathering for people who share a passion for photography and want to practise their skills. It gives you the chance to meet up with other photographers, trade tips and build friendships.
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Saturday the 25th of November 2017
Backlighting & Portraits - Perry Lakes Reserve at 9:30am
Students will learn how to use backlighting to their advantage when taking photos of people.
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Each two hour class will focus on one theme or particular aspect of photography, in a different location each fortnight. A professional photographer will also be there to help answer questions and offer advice on the day. Groups larger than 12 will have multiple instructors.

Please note that this event is a social meet up (not a formal class) and is best suited to photographers who want the opportunity to explore different photography topics every fortnight and know how to use their cameras on manual mode (not total beginners). If you are after a more structured educational experience, Photoh also offers a Photography for Beginners course that is conducted in a smaller group, so you have more opportunity to interact with your instructor one-on-one.

A DSLR camera, or a camera with manual controls is preferable, but you are welcome to bring bring any kind of camera or smartphone. There will be a substantial amount of walking involved on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella should the weather call for it.

Your experience doesn’t stop once the class ends - you can also share your photos with your peers on the Facebook page, or in the Perth Photography Facebook Group and enter our fortnightly themed competitions to have chances to win great photography prizes.
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Upcoming Dates
Saturday the 25th of November 2017
Backlighting & Portraits - Perry Lakes Reserve at 9:30am
Students will learn how to use backlighting to their advantage when taking photos of people.
Saturday the 9th of December 2017
Christmas Night Photography - Elizabeth Quay at 7pm
Students will challenge their creativity capturing Christmas lights illuminated at night.
Saturday the 6th of January 2018
Composition Tricks - Hillary's Boat Harbour at 9:30am
Students will learn composition tricks and techniques to take their photographs to the next level.
Saturday the 20th of January 2018
Summertime Storytelling Photography - Fremantle at 9:30am
This class will focus on showing students how to combine images and create a visual story in a series of frames.
Saturday the 3rd of February 2018
Using Full Manual Mode - Bicton at 9:30am
Students will learn tips and tricks to shoot when completely relying on manual mode.
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 2 days notice.
Photo by Anna Mair Francis
Photo by Anna Mair Francis
Photo by Anna Mair Francis
Photo by Anna Mair Francis
4.5/5 from 141 reviews
The information regarding the topic was useful and helpful with some very good tips.
4/5 by Melanie Shaw
The event in Kings Park was fun and informative. I will be returning to other events as time allows. Recommended for budding photographers as there are some knowledgeable enthusiasts in the group and Anna-Mair is very helpful.
4/5 by Jane Gillett
This event challanged us to find that balance between useing flash and natural light together. I found it very insiteful in expanding my knowledge and understanding of useing flash in photography
5/5 by Michael Davis
Had a great time at the Motion Blur session at Belmont Racecourse. Fantastic opportunity to capture the horses racing, and also see them in the stalls. As an added bonus we were taking to the starting gates for the commencement of one of the races....that was such a treat. Very enjoyable and informative session.
5/5 by Michelle Kennedy
Had a great time at the reflections event in South Perth. Despite the threatening rain we got some great photos with the expert guidance of Anna-Mair and Shaun.
5/5 by Michelle Kennedy

4/5 by Marree J Daly
Anna-Mair provides the group with comprehensive instructions and helpful tips to make the most of our photographic opportunities. After having been to a few of the group meet-ups, I am becoming more confident in my setting selections and composition. Great, fun, nice people in the group, and it's always nice to be outdoors exploring.
5/5 by Sandra Kennedy
this event was challanging but very rewarding in looking for the colour standing out against different backgrounds.....
5/5 by Michael Davis
I enjoyed it plus meeting other enthusiasts was great.
4/5 by Allan Press
Love the locations Anna Muir picks and the fact that it is informal but that you are still able to ask some questions and get feedback. Also love the facebook page and the "critique me" Tuesdays
4/5 by Eveline Seeney
The Sunset session was fun, its a pity the weather didn't play nice. I have been to a few sessions and its great meeting the same people and newbies for dedicated photography time. Lots of help and guidance when needed.
4/5 by Fiona Childs
I enjoyed the opportunity to put into practice some of the technical elements of photography. I also enjoy seeing other people's photos on the facebook page and the difference in what people see/notice etc. I also incidentally learned a few things from watching other participants, such as using a tripod, and not being afraid of shooting from low/alternative view points as others did.
4/5 by Flavia B
I learnt heaps, Ann-Mair was very helpful and patient - seems like a nice group of like minded people. Went to FB and had a look at some of the postings, have a long way to go, tiny steps
4/5 by Vicki Wray-Watts
Good venue, good value, opportunity for socialising afterwards over coffee
4/5 by DOUGLAS
Loved UWA as a venue...so much to photograph there.
5/5 by Michelle Kennedy
Love these events .... always learn something new
5/5 by Paula Thompson
This was my very first time to join the group. I've never done such an activity before; so, it was very motivating for me to be in the company of people who know so much more than I do about photography. Both the group leaders were kind and friendly and made time to speak with me. I'm now looking forward to the next similar group activity on the 21 Jan. Thank you so much, Anne-mair and Sean. Louisa
4/5 by Louisa Chawhan
Interesting topic & great location. Anna & Sean extremely helpful as always.
5/5 by Hilary Forgan
Always fun friendly and informative.
5/5 by Liz Barker
In a word "challenging". Abstract Photography - still not sure I am certain what Abstract Photography is, but it made me think and had fun trying to do it and look at photographing things in different light and from strange angles. Great guidance by Anna-Mair helped to identify the types of things to look out for.
5/5 by Michael Daniels
Most enjoyable (even if it was 37 degrees). Anna was very helpful.
5/5 by Colleen Williams
It was great
5/5 by David Paratore
Great opportunity to get close to the bikes. Well organised . Quite a lit of freedom to move around the venue . Must enjoyable .
5/5 by Dianne Kelsey
One of the best event for me so far. For one I got see an international cycling event that I would not have even know was on. Secondly, the chance to mingle with the riders and be track side was great. The pointers from the resident pro photographer really helped. Anna-Mair and Shaun were really helpful, and a big thanks to you both for organizing the event with access to areas normally off limits to the public.
5/5 by Glenn Stead
Learned a lot and was very interesting.
5/5 by Praful Shah

5/5 by Sharon
The opportunity to interact and shoot with other photographers is invaluable.
4/5 by Laurie Blaquiere
Enjoyed it...nice to have Anna-Mair around to give advice.
4/5 by Kate Doble
I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to photograph in harsh lighting. I had very pleasing results with my photographs from dropping and raising exposure (depending on whether I was aiming away from or into the sun). I was constantly changing settings so that I could see the effects when it came time to view on my laptop. Point Walter was a top spot to photograph too. Thanks Anna-Mair, as always, very knowledgeable and helpful!
5/5 by Sandra Kennedy
Very good. As a beginner learnt alot about subject know nothing about but now have an insight. And learning all the amazing things can do with my camera.
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