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Adelaide Photography Group - Photography Classes & Courses in      Adelaide
Come along to our fortnightly photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.
Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a casual photo walk with other local photographers. No formal lectures, just a chance to meet-up, share ideas and receive feedback! We have a different photo theme each fortnight and the two hour sessions take place in different outdoor locations across Adelaide. Great opportunity to try something new with the guidance of a professional photographer, and come away with some new shots for your portfolio or album.

Complete beginner? We recommend starting with the Photography for Beginners Class, which is a 3 hour structured workshop where you’ll learn the basics of using your camera with more 1-on-1 time with the instructor.

Looking to learn more? Come along to the group sessions, which are more casual and informal than other workshops, and with more time to take photos and put your new skills into practice.

What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

What’s involved? Each session starts with an introduction to the fortnight’s theme, and the photography instructor will chat about the camera settings and techniques to use. You’ll then have time to take lots of photos, with the instructor present to answer any questions. You’ll receive feedback and have a chance to chat with everyone to share tips and ideas. We’re a social bunch!

Join the Adelaide Photography Facebook Group here to share your photos after the session and to take part in our free, fortnightly competitions!
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Saturday the 27th of April 2019
Photographing Water - Waterfall Gully at 10am
Water can provide some amazing photo opportunities, and has been a source of inspiration for many great photographers. In this session will be looking at a range of camera settings to use when photographing water, from freezing action to long exposures. A tripod and ND filters would be beneficial (but not essential) for this session.
full - no places left
Saturday the 11th of May 2019
Beginners Class - Parliament House at 9am
$115.00pp     only 6 places left
Saturday the 11th of May 2019
Nature Photography - Mount Lofty Botanic Garden at 10am
Join this session for tips on how to use your camera settings to creatively capture nature in a visually interesting way. We’ll be looking at composition, focus and colour whilst on a photo walk.
full - no places left
Saturday the 8th of June 2019
Beginners Class - Parliament House at 9am
$115.00pp     only 5 places left
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 3 days notice.
Photo by Kathy Hanton
Photo by Mark O'Reilly
Photo by Kathy Hanton
4.7/5 from 130 reviews
Good to meet people and bounce ideas around. I didn't intend to go to learn as I've been doing it a while but used it to get out of my block.
4/5 by Darryl Wolfendale
Relaxed atmosphere. Chris and Cathie both were very approachable.
5/5 by Roshni Pala
Its has casual, friendly and educative.
5/5 by Roshni Pala
I was a first timer & I really enjoyed it. The group size was good & Chris was more than helpful & patient with everyone. Will def do more.
5/5 by Carole Sensier
It was good Chris is helpful and I learned somethings
4/5 by Mark Mackay
I found it very enjoyable, and Chris Weisz was very informative and approachable. The group was a good size, which allowed plenty of opportunity to discuss photography topics with Chris. I think we were all glad that the event had been rescheduled due to extreme heat the weekend before.
5/5 by Beth Mack
Loved it, Chris had so much patience when asking a question and it was informative. I certainly learnt a good number of things which I did not know previously and loved that we could take photos and ask for his opinion and advice. I also enjoyed the interaction with the group members, I’ve made some new friends. Now it’s time for me to do some more practice and improve my skills. Thank you so much
5/5 by Nicolette Solomon
Excellent venue, and learnt lots
5/5 by Allan Kull
Chris provides great instruction
4/5 by Allan Kull
The siting session was great with Chris giving us clear advice and working us through a range of practical hands on edits
5/5 by Jane Lemon

5/5 by Deb Allen
Great day out with Chris and the Adelaide Photographic participants. Explored the North Terrace urban fabric and the vast array of abstract opportunities.
5/5 by Ray Sweeting
I really enjoyed the cameraraderie and supportfromallinvolved
5/5 by Jane Lemon
Great..learnt new skills in a very warm and welcoming forum.
5/5 by Deb Allen
Th event would be best described in future as a meetup event with guidance when required. It was well facilitated by Chris, he was open to questions, and open for people to borrow his equipment if needing to explore new options.
5/5 by Ciaran Whelan
A good number of people, good assistance
4/5 by Katherine piggott
It was really enjoyable and I learned a lot more than I expected. Mark was very helpful and patient.
5/5 by Dominique Wright

4/5 by Kim Nguyen

4/5 by Leighton Fuller
Loved it. I had a lot of fun and learnt something new.
5/5 by Dinny Kelly
Enjoyable session - great advice from Chris, good location and a keen, friendly group of fellow photographers.
5/5 by Jeff Hartshorne
Great, Chris was very helpful and engaging
5/5 by Deb Signorelli

5/5 by Athina Tanti
Nice people, nice settings, information if you wanted it. All good! :)
4/5 by Joe Goss
It was informative and I realised that my camera has a problem.
4/5 by Bernie Hendry

4/5 by Deb Signorelli
Enjoyable day again. Chris is very approachable and helpful.
4/5 by Lynn Mckeown
Enjoyable day even with the rain
4/5 by Lynn Mckeown
Excellant photography group, friendly and helpful advice, fantastic program and venues
5/5 by Ray Sweeting
Excellent morning with host, Chris.
5/5 by Jeff Hartshorne
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