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The Adelaide Photography Group is a regular, fortnightly social gathering for people who share a passion for photography and want to practise their skills. It gives you the chance to meet up with other photographers, trade tips and build friendships.
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Saturday the 18th of August 2018
Landscape Photography - Elder Park at 10am
Landscape photography is possibly one of the most popular genres, so we値l be looking at how you can improve your shots and help your photos stand out from the crowd. We値l be looking at composition, panoramas and tips on equipment and settings to use.
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Each two hour class will focus on one theme or particular aspect of photography, in a different location each fortnight. A professional photographer will also be there to help answer questions and offer advice on the day. Groups larger than 12 will have multiple instructors.

Please note that this event is a social meet up (not a formal class) and is best suited to photographers who want the opportunity to explore different photography topics every fortnight and know how to use their cameras on manual mode (not total beginners). If you are after a more structured educational experience, Photoh also offers a Photography for Beginners course that is conducted in a smaller group, so you have more opportunity to interact with your instructor one-on-one.

The minimum age requirement is 10 years old; children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult, who will need to make a separate booking. General attendance costs $35, but may occasionally be higher if a model, studio hire or special equipment is required.

A DSLR camera, or a camera with manual controls is preferable, but you are welcome to bring bring any kind of camera or smartphone. There will be a substantial amount of walking involved on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella should the weather call for it.

Your experience doesn稚 stop once the class ends - you can share your photos with your peers on the Photoh Facebook wall and enter our fortnightly themed competitions to have chances to win great photography prizes. There's also an Adelaide Photography Facebook Group where members can exchange photography tips, ask questions, receive constructive criticism on photos and discuss upcoming group events.
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Saturday the 18th of August 2018
Landscape Photography - Elder Park at 10am
Landscape photography is possibly one of the most popular genres, so we値l be looking at how you can improve your shots and help your photos stand out from the crowd. We値l be looking at composition, panoramas and tips on equipment and settings to use.
Saturday the 1st of September 2018
Architectural Photography - Victoria Square at 10am
Architectural photography can be a great way of exploring and documenting a city, whether it痴 your home or on holiday. We値l be looking at ways to take some impressive shots and the camera settings to use.
Saturday the 15th of September 2018
Sunset Photography - Semaphore at 5pm
We値l be soaking up that stunning golden hour light in this session all about sunset photography. Bring along your tripod and take some amazing photos with the guidance of the photography instructor.
Saturday the 29th of September 2018
Street Photography Night Life - Adelaide Oval at 6pm
Our cities can take on a different narrative at night, so we値l be learning all about how to take interesting night scenes, from city lights to people. Join us to get creative with low light photography and motion blur light painting.
Saturday the 13th of October 2018
Black&White Photography - Adelaide Cemetery at 10am
Black&white can be an interesting way to strip back your photography and focus on the basics. Photography is simply playing with light, so we値l be getting creative with monochrome images and exploring ways to improve.
Saturday the 27th of October 2018
Nature Photography - Mount Lofty Botanic Garden at 10.30am
Join this session for tips on how to use your camera settings to creatively capture nature in a visually interesting way. We値l be looking at composition, focus and colour.
Saturday the 10th of November 2018
Motion Blur Photography - Henley Beach at 10am
Motion blur is slowing your camera痴 shutter speed right down so that you can capture the blur of movement. We値l be learning the settings to use, as well as choosing some interesting subjects to test these skills out on.
Saturday the 24th of November 2018
Selective Colour - Light Square at 10am
Colour is an important component in setting a mood of a photograph so we値l be exploring the impact of certain colours, and producing a series of images using a single colour.
Saturday the 8th of December 2018
Worms Eye View Photography - Hindmarsh Square at 10am
Your view of the world can change instantly from your perspective, so we値l be having fun with different camera angles to produce interesting shots of our local area.
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 3 days notice.
Photo by Kathy Hanton
Photo by Mark O'Reilly
Photo by Kathy Hanton
4.7/5 from 106 reviews
It was informative and I realised that my camera has a problem.
4/5 by Bernie Hendry

4/5 by Deb Signorelli
Enjoyable day again. Chris is very approachable and helpful.
4/5 by Lynn Mckeown
Enjoyable day even with the rain
4/5 by Lynn Mckeown
Excellant photography group, friendly and helpful advice, fantastic program and venues
5/5 by Ray Sweeting
Excellent morning with host, Chris.
5/5 by Jeff Hartshorne

5/5 by Cathie Thomas
Under the current instructor it is a good experience
5/5 by Allan Kull
I enjoyed the event and Chris was a great host. It's a good location except that it can be difficult to get a good shot with the amount of people at the market.
4/5 by Lynn Mckeown
Well organised. Chris is a great host. Very enjoyable and will book another event. Nice way to meet people too.
5/5 by Lynn Mckeown

5/5 by david

5/5 by david
Great to exchange ideas and ask specific questions about photography, which can be hard for someone like me, who does not know anyone in the "Photography World". Also great to meet new people and ask them opinions on their cameras/gear.
4/5 by Tiago Afonso

4/5 by david watkins
It was good to get away from our usual city haunts and see interest in other areas we may otherwise not see. And I am looking forward to the next session at Hallet Cove for the same reason. nice group prepared to share knowledge, Cheers, Danny
5/5 by Danny Ferguson
5/5 by jan worden
Great teachers! Easy to talk to and don't make you feel stupid when asking questions.
5/5 by Toni Elliott
My first tour with Photoh and Mark and I really enjoyed it.
5/5 by Florian Grigoleit

5/5 by Raelene

5/5 by Karen Philips

5/5 by Sripriya appasamy

5/5 by Karen Philips

5/5 by karen philips

5/5 by karen philips
an enjoyable evening with like minded people, everyone was friendly and helpful towards each other
5/5 by Kay Koufalakis
It was fantastic
5/5 by Raelene killmier
A great morning at Glenelg; perfect weather, and plenty of summer lifestyle photo opportunities to be had. Thanks Kathy🌞
5/5 by Karen Philips
This was great for a casual get together to meet other photographers. The instructor was welcoming and approachable. I was approached a few times throughout the session to see how I was going and given the chance to ask questions. Loved how you have the facebook page to share the photos from the day. Enjoyed myself, thank you.
4/5 by Jaymie Clausen
The event as always was fun, knowledgeable, exciting, good fun with great people, and a great instructor.
5/5 by Yaron Dvir
Good event and teaching/learning experience. Pity we didn't have enough attendees to warrant/afford a model but as a learning experience was brilliant with the extremely knowledgable Kathy Hanton
5/5 by Danny Ferguson
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