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Photography Course for Beginners      Sydney
Learn to take great photos wherever you go.
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Saturday the 24th of November 2018
$115.00pp     3 places left
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Time: 9am
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Circular Quay, outside the Museum of Contemporary Art

Cameras, their functions and all their accessories can be overwhelming if you’re not already familiar with them. Learn how to use your camera to capture moments, events, and people in your everyday life.

The class will cover a range of technical aspects, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, amongst other photography principles. You’ll also cover focal length and lenses, lighting and correct exposure.

This class takes you on a walking tour around Sydney, starting from the lawn outside the Museum of Contemporary Art, so you can practise in different surroundings. By the end of the class, you’ll have the confidence to apply your new skills in a variety of situations.

Your experience doesn’t stop once the class ends - you can share your photos with your peers on the Photoh Facebook wall and there's also a Beginner Photographers Facebook group where members can exchange photography tips, ask questions and receive constructive criticism on photos.

Participants are required to bring the following to the class:
Digital camera that has a manual settings option
Fully charged batteries (and spares if possible)
Blank image cards (two or more, formatted if possible)
Camera manual

Class sizes are kept small so each participant will have a chance to interact with the host on a one-to-one basis. There will be a substantial amount of walking involved on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella or a hat should the weather call for it.

Let Photoh help you create beautiful moments with every click of the shutter.If you'd like to book for a date that's not listed we can arrange a private class or group class to suit your needs.
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Upcoming Dates
Bookings close 1 day prior
Saturday the 24th of November 2018
$115.00pp     3 places left
Saturday the 8th of December 2018
$115.00pp     open
Saturday the 12th of January 2019
$115.00pp     3 places left
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 2 days notice.
Photo by Ron Irving - RJI Photography
Photo by Ron Irving - RJI Photography
Photo by Ron Irving - RJI Photography
Photo by Nick Bassett
4.7/5 from 65 reviews
Chloe was extremely friendly and knowledgable providing information in a clear and informative manner. As a beginner with basic skills, Chloe's advice greatly enhanced my understanding of the principles of lighting and camera tools. Highly recommended.
5/5 by Alex Blaszczynski

5/5 by Peter Taylor
The course was very informative. The instructor was very friendly and explained things clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. I can finally use my camera on manual :)
5/5 by Lindsay Anne Salvador
I got more out of it than what I thought I would. Chole was great at explaining everything especially putting it all into 3 hours.
5/5 by Sandra Anello
Very good explanations with reviewing of information in practical ways as well as great theory. Excellent teaching style - Chloe was a fantastic very patient and knowledgeable teacher
5/5 by Olivia Oneil
The guide Chloe was excellent, she was very knowledgable and explaned the concepts clearly.
5/5 by Maria Nuzzo
A great morning with friendly and fun instructor.
A fantastic introduction to photography. I came away feeling confident that I can now set up my camera to take different shots.
5/5 by Claire Marsh

4/5 by Parker Floris
Chloe was great as was the content
5/5 by Matt Cavanagh
Chloe was great as was the content
5/5 by Matt Cavanagh
Chloe was extremely patient and could explain things in a practical way that we could understand - she offered her continued support by providing her email for us to contact her in the future - I highly recommend Chloe!!
5/5 by Louise Banno
My friend and I had truly fantastic experience. We are very grateful for the personalised treatment we received when learning about our cameras and photography. Thank you to Chloe for sharing her expertise in such a patient way
5/5 by Michelle Gough

4/5 by Mahsa Jalili
I loved the personalisation of this course and how our instructor took the time to ensure everyone had the same experience, no matter what camera they had. Some of the more technical aspects that were covered, which probably went beyond this level, were actually really helpful and helped me understand my camera much better than I even have
5/5 by Laura White
Informative, helpful, presenter knew her stuff
5/5 by Paul Hamer
Very knowledgeable tutor. Well explained.
5/5 by Lesley Winslett

4/5 by Phillip Buckingham

4/5 by Nazia Hafiz
Really informative and I learnt a lot. Not too structured which allowed students and teacher to be flexible. Learnt the basics to get started.
5/5 by Lisa Macpherson
Small group. Theory combined with practice explained in an easy to remember way.
5/5 by Colleen Harris
It was informative and the instruction was very clear. Thank you for the occasion.
4/5 by Fusae Harada
Very good for beginners
5/5 by Elaine Burrows
Cassandra was great and was very patient with me & my Olympus mirrorless camera. Group size of 6 was about right. Learned a lot, feel more confident with camera and looking forward to putting it into practise. May join the regular meet ups. I've clicked to join FB group but am still pending.
5/5 by Jules Hewett
We found it very instructive, and the patient and structured presentation was well received!!
4/5 by John Barker
I love to learn stuff, so felt this was revision and rechecked my knowledge. Understand lenses better, got my photography energy back.
5/5 by Margaret Fraser-Martin
really enjoyed it. Cass made me feel comfortable, no questions too silly and was attentive to each person. Learnt a lot
5/5 by monica spinaze
Great information and a good introduction to our cameras, light, and using manual functions. Learned heaps. Cassie was really helpful. Thanks
4/5 by Frances Gorringe
Nick was wonderful and explained things in an everyday way so it easy to understand. Would definitely recommend this course
5/5 by Maree Critchley
I was very impressed with Zac's patience & knowledge. I have tried for many years to understand the relationship between Iso, shutter speeds & the aperture. He made it very simple & easy to understand.
5/5 by Jilli Mewkill
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