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Photography Class for Beginners      Melbourne
Cameras don't have to be confusing! Learn how to take your photos to the next level with this Photography Class for Beginners
Class Time: 9am-12pm
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Federation Square, Melbourne
• Exact meeting point is sent in booking confirmation email
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Looking to improve your photography? Our Beginners Class is a great place to start. This 3 hour session is a photo walk that will have you weaned off of Auto mode, and transforming your everyday snaps into professional-looking shots.

The class is ideal for those who are complete beginners who want to get more out of their camera!

Taught by professional photographer Laura, the class will cover a range of technical aspects and you'll learn about:
• How to correctly expose photos
• Using composition techniques
• All about different focal lengths
• Using white balance and colour
• Aperture and depth of field for focus
• Using shutter speed to capture action

This is a very hands-on class, so you’ll have plenty of time to practise your new skills on the day and take lots of shots!

What to bring?
A DSLR camera, or a camera with manual mode is preferable, but you may bring any kind of camera (with detachable or built-in lens). Please also be sure to bring plenty of memory cards and fully charged batteries - we'll be taking lots of photos! There will be a substantial amount of hands-on activity on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella should the weather call for it.

What's involved?
The three hour session will start with an introduction, before a series of mini challenges to help you get to grips with using your camera's settings. Class sizes are kept small (max 6 people) so each participant will have a chance to interact with the professional photographer on a one-to-one basis.

Join the Melbourne Photography Facebook Group to share your photos after the session and to take part in our free competitions!

We ask that everyone attending a meetup follows social distancing guidelines:

Stay home if you're sick.
Keep 1.5 metres away from others.
Don't make unnecessary physical contact with others. Avoid physical greetings, such as handshakes, hugs and kisses.
Wash your hands regularly with alcohol-based sanitiser.
Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Use a flexed elbow or a tissue; if you use a tissue, dispose of it immediately and appropriately.
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Refund Policy: 5 days notice required for a full refund. Re-scheduling requires 2 days notice. In the case of bad weather (heavy rain) the class may be cancelled and you'll be given the option of rescheduling or a refund. If you need to reschedule or refund your booking, then please contact the office using the form here . Your instructor is NOT able to refund or reschedule your booking for you.
Melbourne Photography Class for Beginners
Photo by Steph Doran
Photo by Steph Doran
Photo by Steph Doran
Photo by Steph Doran
4.8/5 from 150 reviews
Laura was great. All her instructions and explanations were made so everyone in the group would understand. I have nothing to complain.
5/5 by Luis Rodriguez
The class is good! Size is good, max 6 people, so we have enough attention. Laura is clear and patient in explaining, and fun to learn from too. Especially liked the shutter speed & aperture exercises, as I could clear see the difference in my photos. I also like the fact that we can still continue to learn from group;s other photography group activities at relatively affordable cost, which is awesome!
4/5 by Hongxia Hu (Cindy)
Great course. The content was comprehensive and informative. Laura's explanations and insights were valuable. Laura was very friendly and inclusive.
5/5 by Craig Webb
Laura was a fantastic teacher, explained everything very clearly and had the patience to help everyone keep on the same page.
5/5 by Jeremy Stone
Very good introduction to digital photography. Laura seemed very knowledgeable and was very patient and helpful.
5/5 by David McCoy
Laura was fantastically helpful, attentive and knowledgeable
5/5 by Greg McIntyre
Laura was great. Very knowledgeable and patient. Clearly explained all aspects of using a DSLR and we had plenty of time to practice while walking around the city . High recommend for beginners.
5/5 by Andrea Houston
Highly recommended for beginners. I learnt a lot though I've used a camera for decades, on AUTO mode though!! Laura is a great instructor and very approachable and happy to give instructions!
5/5 by Ajith Chelliah
It was a good course - shame the weather was so terrible which made it more difficult.
4/5 by Sue Noble
Laura was an excellent teacher and I felt I learnt a lot and now have more confidence in using my camera. Unfortunately the weather was so cold and wet it did take away from some of the enjoyment of the session
4/5 by Anne Stewart
Learnt more than I thought I ‘knew’.Proba
4/5 by Philip Ruiters
Perfect - I finally understand the basic technical aspects and how to use my camera on manual. Well done, Laura!
5/5 by Margaret Adamson
Very good & informative.
5/5 by Steve
Small group, good pace and friendly instructor - thanks Laura
4/5 by Sylvia wellinger
Laura explained well, was patient and was helpful when I needed extra reminders.
5/5 by Goldie Zyskind
was very information and i learnt a lot
5/5 by Sharon Keay
Laura was very helpful
5/5 by Mat Peisley
Really loved how patiently Laura answered all the questions !! Highly recommended!!
5/5 by Rukzana
Laura was great and I learnt a lot .She made it fun to learn
5/5 by Kim de Konig
Excellent teacher, who was knowledgeable, challenging and gave good advice.
5/5 by Kevin McQuillan
Fantastic. I’ve done other beginner classes and still not known how to operate my camera. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing. I was about to give up on my camera due to frustration- not now. I appreciated how the focus was on using the camera, less so on composition. Everything was explained well and we were given time to practice as well as feedback on if we’d understood the lesson. Laura was great at explaining, encouraging and patient. Thank you!
5/5 by Kim Hanson
I found it very informative and useful, especially learning to understand the three basic elements in photography and completing exercises to practically apply them.
5/5 by Haarshini Rajmohan
It was a great introduction into using the manual settings on our cameras Laura was a very knowledgable and patient instructor who gave us lots of hints and explanations along the way. Money well spent. Now to practice!
5/5 by Sandra Elliott
Very helpful, very patient and thorough instructor.
5/5 by Ann Dastey
Laura was fantastic, i learnt so much with her, she was very patient and easy to understand, it was a beautiful day and thoroughly enjoy the company of the group and incredible happy with the results,
5/5 by Marcela
Laura was fantastic. She provided a structured, informative and flexible session. During this course Laura was able to spent time with individual people to help everyone understand the processes and capabilities of photography using a SLR camera to produce great photos. Very informative. Great. Thanks Laura.
5/5 by Peter Cook
Simple and Easy to understand. Well explained.
5/5 by Natasha
I thought the information taught was useful and well presented. We were given time to practise the skills and the small group size lent itself to the facilitator to individually assist everyone. She spoke clearly and had a great friendly manner.
5/5 by Helen Bertuna
It was fabulous. I loved it. I feel I have all the pieces, now need to put them together. I will have fun doing so. Laura is a great teacher and patient with those like me who learn slowly. Thanks Heaps
5/5 by Tracy Fleming
The course was very informative and our teacher Laura was great.
5/5 by Kerry Brendan WATSON
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