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Photography Class for Beginners      Brisbane
Learn to take great photos wherever you go. Time: 9am
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting Point: Coffee Club opposite the Treasury Casino (Queen Street Mall).

Cameras, their functions and all their accessories can be overwhelming if you’re not already familiar with them. Learn how to use your camera to capture moments, events, and people in your everyday life.

The class will cover a range of technical aspects, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, amongst other photography principles. You’ll also cover focal length and lenses, lighting and correct exposure.

This three hour class takes you on a walking tour around Brisbane, starting near Treasure Casino, so you can practise in different surroundings. By the end of the class, you’ll have the confidence to apply your new skills in a variety of situations.

Your experience doesn’t stop once the class ends - you can share your photos with your peers on the Brisbane Photography Facebook Group and there's also a Beginner Photographers Facebook group where members can exchange photography tips, ask questions, receive constructive criticism on photos and discuss upcoming events.

Participants are required to bring the following to the class:
Digital camera that has a manual settings option
Fully charged batteries (and spares if possible)
Blank image cards (two or more, formatted if possible)
Camera manual

Class sizes are kept small so each participant will have a chance to interact with the host on a one-to-one basis. There will be a substantial amount of walking involved on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella or a hat should the weather call for it.

Let the Briabane Photography Group help you create beautiful moments with every click of the shutter.
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Upcoming Dates
Bookings close 1 hour prior
Saturday the 12th of January 2019 @ 9:00am
Beginners Class - Queen Street Mall at 9am
A smaller more structured class just for beginners. Get off auto and onto manual mode.
full - no places left
available on this date
Brisbane Photography Group
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 3 days notice.
Image by Francis Keating
Image by Francis Keating
Image by Francis Keating
4.7/5 from 56 reviews
Francis explained things clearly and pointed out features & functions on my camera I didn't know existed. This will definitely improve my photography. Highly recommend the course.
5/5 by Andrew Anderson
Great to learn different aspects and taking different types of photos. Francis was very patient and informative.
5/5 by Allison Steer
What a morning, firstly Francis is AMAZING. His teaching style really made it easy to follow and for my daughter and myself to learn how to use our cameras in manual mode. Francis is kind, knowledgeable and I must say incredibly patient. To say it was a morning I will never forget feels like an understatement. When Franics showed us how to capture the waterfall at Southbank and I got an image that I thought was well beyond my skill level I was amazed and delighted. I would recommend Francis and this course to everyone who wants to learn how to use their cameras in manual mode. Thank you to Photoh and Franics for this amazing morning.
5/5 by Izabelle Henderson
I thought this class was absolutely great. Francis was a fantastic teacher, he explained everything in terms I could understand and showed me how to change things on my camera to change the look of my image. I learnt a lot from him and would do it again. Thanks for all your knowledge Francis
5/5 by Chloe Doran
It was a nice small class, we all had old cameras however Francis was so patient and helpful finding the the right settings to use. Great class for beginners to get started.
5/5 by Tahaila van Kleef
Very interesting.
4/5 by Blas Martinez
Really enjoyed this informal course. Francis was very knowledgeable and it was fun. Show us how to use the camera and was excellent in explaining the terms to get the best out of our cameras. He was not familiar with my model, but he was able to explain the differences without any problem.
5/5 by Gillian Di Corleto
A true beginners’ course. Excellent
4/5 by Bec Doyle
For my course I had Francis for my instructor and he was amazing showed me everything thing from slow shutter speed fast shutter speed how to work with light was a really good course
5/5 by Rueben Baker
Good tips for a beginner photographer. Host was knowledgeable and helpful.
5/5 by rayvathi
Great learning experience plenty of one on one instruction
5/5 by Ann frizelle
Francis was very helpful with spending time individually with everyone and showing and talking about everyone's cameras so we all walked away more time as there was a lot to absorb otherwise very happy with what I know now more than less
5/5 by Kristina popov
In a small amount of time we gained a significant amount of information..now to practice.
5/5 by Susan Nolan
Today was a very interesting, informative and helpful photography workshop. Francis provided excellent, clear information and instruction which was easy to follow and is to be commended for the way he conducted the course. He clearly explained the principles of taking photos and provided a variety of opportunities to demonstrate our understanding of these. I was lucky enough to be one of only 2 so it was very close to being a private lesson.
5/5 by Sue Clarke
It was very helpful and informative and because of the very small group, questions that participants had were able to be addressed. I would highly recommend this course.
5/5 by Ann Cullen
Very informative beginners course on the use of manual settings in a camera. Enjoyed the practical application as well.
5/5 by Mary-Ann Robertson
Very good, the instructor Francis was very thorough and explained things well. For me I think I need more one to one but I came away learning a few things so that was awesome. Thank you
4/5 by Emma Hemsley
Our instructor Francis, was very good in explaining in simple terms the basics of using our cameras. The course was well structured and a great introduction to the basics of aperature, shutter, focal length and much more. The time went really quick.
5/5 by John Hay
Great for beginners who know nothing about their DSLR camera. Tutor Francis Keating was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. It left me wanting more...
5/5 by Jenny Crook
Francis Keating; the instructor, was a great teacher. He was patient and always there to help. The group of ladies all made it fun! A very good morning in Brisbane - would love to do more classes! THANK YOU Francis - I now don't feel so afraid to take my camera off of Auto!
4/5 by Rosemary Featherstone
It was very informative, and helped me get to no my camera very well.
4/5 by Michelle Partridge
I enjoyed the photo session as it was very informative to someone like me with limited photography experience.
5/5 by Tom Bolton
Clear instruction
5/5 by Marianne Wynberg
Loved it. Good cover of basic terms and practical application. 3 hours was a good intro time.
4/5 by Lorna Clarke
I thought it was very hands on which was good. Lots of information which now I need to practice; Francis was very helpful. Enjoyed the course
5/5 by Leigh Sparks
Francis was our instructor. He was excellent with his communication before the event and course outline. The class size was small enough that he was able to spend time with each of us and answer any questions we had. He spend plenty of time assisting us in navigating our menu and options on our cameras. The practical session was enjoyable as we walked around some special sights and practiced what was taught. I will spend time now going through the course notes and practising the tips he has given. I particularly enjoyed Francis's examples of his own work, and seeing his examples of the things that were discussed.
5/5 by Chris Heiser
Very helpful
4/5 by Craig Briese
I have had a bit of experience with my camera and Frances went through everything in simple terms didn't complicate things. I would recommend this course.
5/5 by Sonia O'Brien
Excellent! Francis was patient, thorough, and gave a very detailed run through of each camera within the group so that we were able to stay on the same page. It was great to put the theory into practice and experiment on the day with what we were taught. Would definitely recommend this course.
5/5 by Kerry Crichton
Francis is a very patient and a good teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed he class
5/5 by Dianne Williamson
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